I would love to work with you to get the imagery you need, whether that is the products you have worked hard to develop or statement photographs and video for your website and social media.

Please contact me below for more photography samples and pricing.

Catalog Product Photography

  • Uses: Website, Facebook shop, packaging, etc.
  • Purpose: Tells the shopper what the product looks like. It is crucial to selling products online.
  • Set Up: All product shots are similar with the same setup with a white, gradient or black background. It can include an individual product, 3-5 angles, packaging, accessories, a close up of a particular detail or a group of similar products.

Product Lifestyle Photography

  • Uses: Website, social media, ads, packaging.
  • Purpose: Demonstrates the product in-context as it would be used, photographed in an artistic manner to tell the story.
  • Set Up: Products are photographed in a setting or with a person

Brand Photography

  • Uses: Website, LinkedIn, social media.
  • Purpose: Show the people and settings of your business.
  • Set Up: Showcase your business and your staff. Action photos of your business. Taken at your business.

Interview/Testimonial Videos

  • Uses: YouTube, LinkedIn, social media, website.
  • Purpose: Expand your brand. You own your business because you are the best.
  • Set Up: We’ll take these videos wherever you are. If you’re a podcaster, film that and put it on YouTube. If you’re a Realtor, capture testimonials at a client event and put them on your website and social media. If you provide a service or create products, show how you do it better than competitors.